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Over the past 25 years we have refined our design practice in residential architecture in the Washington, D.C. area. Our work is driven by the psychology of space and how architecture can improve lives through thoughtful design. We are committed to sustainable practices in hopes of reducing our impact on the environment.


Our designs emphasize the importance of natural daylight, clear spatial flow, and a strong relationship to the outdoors. We focus on additions, remodels, and new homes, with a careful consideration of spatial relationships, scale, and neighborhood context. We strive to introduce energy efficient materials and systems to reduce operating costs. 


Our services for executing a project include: defining the scope of work, providing design and feasibility, bidding, construction documentation, architectural detailing, permitting, meetings with contractors and suppliers, product selection and onsite consultation. We prioritize effective communication through 3D models, immersive presentations, and virtual reality tools for design and construction. Our team provides design expertise and guidance on all aspects of the project to achieve the look, feel, and function of the collaborative vision.


A construction project is likely to be one of the largest investments a client will make in their home. The ultimate success of this process is based on a unified team of architect, contractor, and homeowner, through trust, communication, and collaboration. We will be the clients’ advocate every step of the way, ensuring a professional relationship catered to their unique project needs.


Brenda Kuo Pfeiffer

Principal Architect

Brenda Kuo Pfeiffer has been a Registered Architect in Washington, D.C. for more than 30 years, with a portfolio of over 200 built projects in the D.C. area. She has an undergraduate degree in Design of the Environment and a Masters of Architecture degree both from the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, her hometown.  She started as a solo practitioner and has evolved into a thriving family business. Kuo Studios consists of Brenda's son Matthew, and her two daughters, Lena and Sasha.  With education in architecture and engineering, the Pfeiffer family has built their business around thoughtful and practical design, while continuously growing and evolving a fresh modern take on building. Family collaboration brings a unique element to Kuo Studios. Brenda is a musician, an artists, and enjoys Tai Chi practice in her free time.  


Matthew Pfeiffer

Architectural Designer
Project Manager

Matthew Pfeiffer is the Lead Project Manager and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manager at Kuo Studios. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado - Boulder, and quickly translated those skills into the Kuo Studios 3D modeling framework. Matthew is a part-time mechanical engineer for a robotics company doing design and manufacturing, along with pursuing personal engineering projects requiring coding, design, and 3D printing. He is passionate about the ocean and environmental sustainability.


Lena Pfeiffer

Architectural Designer
Project Manager

Lena Pfeiffer is a Project Manager here at Kuo Studios. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Taubman College. She received her Master of Architecture from Columbia University, and was awarded the AIA's Henry Adams Medal for excellence in the study of architecture. Lena has worked in commercial and residential architecture in Washington D.C. and New York City.  Her work philosophy is driven by envisioning how one moves through a space, physically, visually and psychologically. She is a part-time ceramic artist whose designs inform her architecture and interior furnishings. 


Sasha Pfeiffer

Architectural Designer
Project Manager

Sasha Pfeiffer is a Project Manager at Kuo Studios. She joined Lena at the University of Michigan, where she too earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Taubman College and was awarded the Wallenberg Studio Award for excellence in undergraduate architecture and design. Sasha joined Studio Gang in New York, where she gained valuable experience working on large institutional projects around the world. She has since focused on the micro by elevating the Kuo Studios approach to residential design and 3D rendering. Sasha also designs and sews clothing, creating wearable architecture for the body. 

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